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Reason To sell

Why sell? Why are you selling? Are you moving up or downsizing? Commercial and or investment property? What are the tax implications for selling?? When you discuss with your agent what your reasons are for wanting to sell your property be sure and explain what your reasons are and also what your plan is once the property sells.

Jason having a financial advisor background likes to see the clients total financial picture including all real estate currently owned or planning to own in the future.

"The more information clients give me about why they are selling the better I am at positioning their property for sale regarding their timeline, financial needs, etc. " ~Jason Wulfers

An experienced agent will take in to consideration many aspects when advising their clients about selling. Timing is a big one. The condition of the current market could make a large impact on price and marketability of your property. Ask your agent about the real estate trends in your area, recent closings of similar properties and pricing.